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About Us


Jas Panag

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant 

Membership #: R708902


Jas is our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant who himself came to Canada as an International Student back in 2009 and has gone through various Canadian Immigration processes to become a Canadian Citizen. 


He understands how each immigration application is unique and need the great care and dedication as its outcome will affect the applicant and his/her future. Therefore, Jas works personally on each and every application and check if its accurately completed before the file is submitted to the IRCC  for review.


In terms of the advise, Jas provide the accurate and most up to date information to the Clients so that they can make an informed and thoughtful decision regarding their Canadian Immigration journey and choose the best route to move forward in the way of becoming a Canadian Citizen.      

What is OCTOCO Immigration?



OCTOCO Immigration is a ICCRC Licensed Immigration Consultation Firm which is made up of a group of Individuals who are dedicated to serve the clients with their Canadian Immigration needs at the most cost affective and efficient manner. 



OCTOCO Immigration's Mission is to serve its clients with Respect, Sincerity and Dedication and provide Outstanding Service at Lowest Price. 

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